What they’re saying about the show on Facebook:

“Absolutely incredible!! The music, lyrics, choreography, acting--and the message! This is off Broadway material for sure. We are lucky to see it now, because this production could be seen next in New York, Las Vegas...you name it. Really enjoyable, thank you!” -- Beth Logan

“This show was fantastic! The music was incredible, the energy was amazing, the humor, sorrow, realizations, awe inspiring. I want to see this again. Thanks Kaki and the entire cast and crew for bringing this amazing production to life. Peace.” -- Sara Melnicoff

"Wanted to tell you all how much I enjoyed Vipassana this evening. What an amazing effort you've all put into this labor of love, and it shows. Thank you for making my evening perfectly delightful... complete with music and dancing! 

My favs: bubble projection on the curtain, the true love number (maybe my favorite moment in any MCT production), Kiran's amazing drumming, "I hurt the person I love more than anyone else in the world"- that one brought me to tears, the Christine/Laurel number with such beautiful harmony, and seeing everyone dancing!" -- Laurel Collins

“Amazing job everyone! It was incredible!” -- Jen Sadoff

“Enjoyed the show tremendously! Thank you for the huge heart and soul from each of you. Great local art.” -- Chris Conrad

“Loved loved loved the show....big kudos to you all! Very well done!” -- Becka Every

“To all Vipassana artists and especially the Creatrix, that was beautiful and amazing. Thank you for that infusion of your creative essence in the community.” -- Laura Kamala

“My advice to anyone anywhere within reach of Moab - DO NOT miss this show.” -- John Groo

An original local Moab grassroots play conceived by OKOKOK Productions and presented by Moab Community Theater

by Kaki Hunter

"Vipassana - the Musical" from Miso Tunks on Vimeo.

Performance Dates:
The play had its World Premiere at the historic Star Hall, Moab, UT on Feb. 4, 2011, and ran Feb. 5, 11, 12, 13, 18, 19. Subsequent productions are in the works. Dates and locations to be announced.

About the play:
Vipassana (Vih-PAHS-ah-nah) is a 2500-year-old silent meditation technique designed to erradicate human suffering. The story takes place at a 10-day Vipassana silent meditation course.

Funny, sad, provocative and unpredictable, this high-energy play follows the playful and soul-baring story of one woman's journey on the path toward self-discovery. From cynical shennanigans and righteous rebellion, her path winds its way through a spiritual break-down centered on a mysterious visitor, leading finally to an epiphany. Her story is interwoven with the individual trials, tribulations, and triumphs of the other students at this "boot camp" of meditation, all told through dialogue, song, dance and musical performance. Prepare to be enlightened and entertained.

The play features 14 original musical numbers in the following styles:

Rock, R & B, Soul, African/Latin drumming,
Country, Musical Theatre

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